100% High Definition

At Toast AV, we understand the importance of the Visual component of Audio Visual.

That’s why EVERYTHING we use is High Definition, Digital, & Widescreen.

Other companies charge extra for High Definition gear, but that’s not how it should be.

With Toast AV looking after your event’s AV needs, you can be sure it will look brighter & clearer than ever.

If you rent a video or data projector from us, you can be sure it’s High Definition.

If you hire a Video Camera, Laptop, or Plasma/LCD TV, they’re all High Definition too.

If you hire us for multi camera production, every piece of the puzzle is High Definition.

Our HD Cameras, Screens, Projectors, Video Mixers & Laptops will ensure your event looks better than ever.

Our Event Manager will ensure your presentations, holding slides & videos are formatted to look their best.

Don’t pay top $$ to companies that still use equipment we tossed in the recycling bin years ago.

Experience 100% High Definition, and see what you’ve been missing out on!

…because Audio Visual is 50% Visual.                                  Canberra @ ToastAV .com.au